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Effective Lay Partner Programme - Day 1

Wednesday, 21 February, 2018

Duration: All day

This is a three day programme which is free of charge and designed for patients and carers who have taken on ‘lay partner’ or ‘lay member’ roles, working with clinicians and managers in the NHS.

As a participant of this programme, you will:

  • develop your understanding of the changing NHS

  • develop your negotiating, influencing and leadership skills

  • experience real life case studies and scenarios and work with coaches and peer mentors that will support you with your development.

The programme will be highly interactive and you will have the opportunity to share your expertise, as well as learning from others across Kent, Surrey and Sussex that have similar roles.

The three dates for the current presentation of this programme are 21st February 2018, 22nd February 2018 and 20th March 2018.

Please note: each day builds on the one before – they are not standalone – so if you would like to apply, you agree that you will be able to attend all 3 sessions and participate in our evaluation.

If you are interested in applying, please contact

The Holiday Inn Gatwick Airport, Povey Cross Road, Horley, RH6 0BA