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NHS Career Development Workshop

Wednesday, 11 October, 2017

Duration: All day

Preparing Aspirant Directors for a Board Appointment

As part of our commitment to develop leaders across the NHS in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, the KSS Leadership Academy is running an interactive, participative and detailed deconstruction and briefing on the board appointment process and how to navigate it to best effect.  The day will include:

  • What panels look for in appointing someone to their first board post
  • Pre-application activity – generic preparation ahead of a career move and due diligence
  • Making an successful application
  • The closing date and sift process
  • How executive search firms work and how to get the best out of them
  • Preliminary interviews and how to be successful in them
  • The short listing process
  • Pre-panel interview activity and what to expect
  • How panel interviews work (including a demonstration and role playing of different scenarios) and how to optimise one’s performance
  • Other aspects of the final stage of the selection process (presentations, sub-panels/stakeholder groups, references etc.

For information about the day and who is eligible to apply, please contact the Leadership team at

Crawley area - venue to be confirmed