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Speak-up, Listen-up: Making it safer to be heard

Thursday, 26 April, 2018

Duration: All day

This one day taster workshop is based on a major long-term study into what it takes for ‘truth to be spoken to power’ and years of practical experience in working with the psychology of conflict. The day will address what it takes both to speak-up safely, and to make it safer for other people to speak up - especially when speaking to those who are seen as having more power.
In addition, a professional voice coach, will share vocal techniques used by a wide range of speakers and performers to increase their presence and enhance their capacity to influence conversations.


As a result of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand how their experiences of power and hierarchy underpins their interactions with others

  • Explore what it takes to create conditions of psychological safety that enable people to speak more freely

  • Diagnose their own, and their teams, capacity to speak up and listen up

  • Identify what steps they can take to improve their existing speak-up, listen-up culture

  • Gain confidence in getting their message across

This exploration, which will be a mix of the experiential and presentational, will explicitly consider these areas from the individual, inter-personal and systemic perspectives.  In addition, participants will have a much greater understanding of the barriers to the free flow of communication - and some tools and strategies for lowering the barriers and finding their voice.

To apply, please email to request an application form.

The Charis Centre, West Green Drive, Crawley Sussex RH11 7EL