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Intersect Systems Leadership Programme

Help shape our future as a pioneering systems leader

Are you a senior or emerging leader intent on enabling better systems working across the health and social care sectors? Do you have the courage to look inwards towards yourself and outwards towards the reality of the challenges we face as a society that aspires to care for its citizens?

Intersect is a leadership development programme which takes absolutely seriously the fact that to develop the leader is to develop the human being, who is that leader. It enables particpants to spend a year exploring what it's like being on the receiving end of their leadership and what qualities and skills they need to grow, using close-up face to face group work.

Intersect complements this profound personal work with immersion in and engagement with whole systems. It engages with the realities of inequality, social exclusion and conflict and the need for leadership that goes beyond the superficial to make a tangible difference. 

Systems leadership is for anyone involved in public service delivery who has to balance expectations of the service within the resources available. 

This year-long programme is for leaders already in or close to executive roles across public services who face complex issues and changing landscapes. Systems leadership is the leadership we need for our times. As a senior leader within your organisation, you're in a strong position to lead system-wide change across the sectors. If you want to push yourself even further, explore your potential and ask/answer some probing and often difficult questions, this is the programme for you.

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