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KSS Mentoring Scheme

KSS Mentoring Scheme

Developmental Mentoring will enable you to work with mentees to help them determine their own development needs, providing nurture, challenge and the opportunity to explore in a safe and confidential environment.

Our Mentoring Scheme covers all staff in Kent, Surrey and Sussex with a leadership element in their role and whose organisation provides or support NHS funded services. The scheme can support your development as a mentor or help you to access a mentor to enhance your own learning. Please take a look at our Prezi and the links below it to find out more:




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Alternative Mentoring Schemes from HEKSS


Mentoring Skills Development Training

Are you interested in becoming a Developmental Mentor? Do you have the capacity and capability to encourage, and lead others through the work they do and help to build and support them from within the organisation?

KSS Leadership Collaborative offers Mentoring Skills Development Training  which will provide you with skills and techniques to act as a mentor within the KSS Mentor Network. The Developmental Mentoring skillset will enable you to work with mentees in determining their own development needs, providing nurture, challenge and the opportunity to explore in a safe and confidential environment.

Being a mentor on the scheme allows you to formally recognise this highly desirable skill set both in your current role and on your CV. Following your training, you will also become a member of a well-established and growing KSS Leadership Collaborative Mentor Network, with access to skills development workshops (CPD events), on-line resources and our on-line mentoring register.

Who is the Programme aimed at?

This programme can be undertaken by all staff from across Kent, Surrey and Sussex who work in organisations that provide or support NHS services and have management element to their role.

You don’t need to be working at a particular profession, banding or grade to be a mentor but you will need to:

  • Have management or leadership element to your role
  • Listen with empathy
  • Support insight and self-awareness through reflection
  • Challenge assumptions and limit self-beliefs
  • Help someone better understand how organisations work
  • Suggest doors to open, new information or explore options for development
  • Provide continuity of support through change
  • ...and be there to help unlock someone’s potential

Your Commitment

All mentors attend a 1-day training programme which includes core skills training and applying those skills in practice. There is also some preparatory work (approximately 1.5 hours) to complete prior to attending.

You will need to be able to support up to 2 mentees a year (either within your own organisation or from across the system), which may require the commitment to meet them every 6 to 8 weeks.

We are not currently offering the Mentoring Skills Development Programme.  We will be reviewing this in the new financial year (April 2018) and will provide further details as and when they become available.

The KSS Leadership Collaborative Mentor Network

Once you have completed our Mentoring Skills Development Workshop and have registered on MentorNet our Mentoring Register, you will be included in the KSS Leadership Collaborative Mentor Network. This will provide you with:

  • A comprehensive resource pack
  • Access to MentorNet, our online Mentoring Register, a confidential tool to match mentees with appropriate trained mentors across KSS. MentorNet can be used to manage mentoring relationships, allowing you to track and schedule sessions, share documents and build up a comprehensive record of each relationship.
  • On-going Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (please see our Upcoming Events)
  • A multi-professional, supported network of trained mentors
  • A team of leadership and OD experts to provide advice, guidance and support on your development and practice as a mentor
  • Online resources via MentorNet.

If you have completed an equivelant mentor training programme and would like to join our Mentoring  Network, please email to enquire.

Looking for a Mentor?

You need to be serious about managing your own development and have well-informed reasons for wanting a mentor. Ideally, mentoring should have been identified through your personal development plan and have been discussed with your line manager. A mentor can:

  • Empower you to arrive at your own solutions (they won’t offer advice)
  • Act as a sounding board
  • Share their experiences

You will be expected to do a lot of thinking and exercises between sessions so that you really make the best use of you and your mentor’s time together. Take a look at our Mentee Preparation Workbook which will help you understand more about your commitment as a mentee. We operate a Mentoring Register called MentorNet across KSS which provides a confidential service to match Mentees with qualified Mentors, as well as an online facility to manage that relationship.

How to Register as a Mentee

To begin your mentoring journey Register as a Mentee. You will be sent a username and password which will allow you log in to the Register and search for a mentor.

Once you have chosen your mentor, you can submit a mentoring request. You can submit mentoring requests to more than one mentor. The mentor(s) will respond to offer a place, decline if they are full or ask if you would like to join a waiting list.

We recommend that the first meeting is face to face to discuss the support you are looking for. It is important that both you and your mentor feel comfortable with each other and you do not have to continue with the relationship if you do not want to. Once a mentoring relationship is established, both mentors and mentees can use MentorNet to track and schedule sessions, share documents and build up a comprehensive record of each relationship.

For more information on any of our Mentoring opportunities please contact:

Interested in becoming a Mentor? Find out about upcoming training dates.

Alternative Mentoring Schemes from HEKSS

*This is for specifically for Practice Nurses and aimed to meet the requirements of professional regulatory bodies (where appropriate) and prepare participants for their role in supporting, facilitating, assessing and evaluating learners (including pre-registration student nurses and practice nurses) in the practice environment