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Championing Inclusivity Week, 23 February 2015

Week commencing 23 Februrary 2015, amidst the backdrop of LGBT History Month, KSS Leadership shared a series of articles focused on Inclusive and Authentic Leadership. We worked with thought leaders in the field to develop pieces addressing diversity across a number of different protected characteristics. The articles will explore how we can help our staff to be their authentic selves and how we can promote an inclusive culture that values and respects their diversity. We have added these articles to our resource section so that they are available to you as required. See below for further details on what the articles covered.

"Embracing and supporting LGBT diversity can lead to better individual and organisational outcomes"

Benjamin Everly, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at the University of Sussex

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KSS Leadership's LGBT Leadership Guide

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"The Broken Ladder: How psychological and socio-cultural biases impede the ascent of high-potential executive women"

Robert Livingston, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the University of Sussex

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"Is there a business case?"

Joy Warmington, CEO of Brap

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