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GMTS Profile: Tobias Tipper, General Specialism

What was your background prior to the scheme?

Growing up I was always more sporty than academic, this meant learning took a back seat while I concentrated on sport. After not being able to break into professional sports I decided to join the marines, this was a huge challenge both mentally and physically and unfortunately lead to me being medically discharged a year later with back problems. Reflecting on what I had achieved in my life so far and where I wanted to go meant I decided to pursue a degree in business and management as, like my parents, I thought about owning my own business one day.

What is your role on your placement?

I started the scheme in September 2014. So far, I have had a real eye opening experience, from my initial month-long orientation period to being given a role as a Service Support Manager in the Clinical Support Services Division. During my orientation I managed to spend time in every corner of the hospital, this allowed me to experience the pressures that face the departments and the determination to deliver exceptional care.

My role requires working with the Services Managers from the services that fall under this division, these include; Outpatient Services, Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology), Therapies, Pharmacy, Pathology and Hospital Sterilisation and Decontamination Unit (HSDU).

How has your previous education helped with the work that you do on your placement?

I would say once I decided the NHS graduate scheme was what I wanted to do, I prepared by choosing appropriate modules to make me a better candidate and help me once on the scheme. I chose to study Health strategy and management and Equality and diversity that were both elective modules, these modules allowed me to gain an understanding of the NHS, its history, structure and the challenges it faces.

What are the highlights of what you have experienced so far and what are you looking forward to?

I would say the highlight so far has been meeting all the different staff from different services, the passion and commitment they have for the job only reaffirms my desire to work for such a great organisation. I am looking forward to finishing the scheme and taking on my first position, using all the leadership knowledge I will have gained from the scheme together with the great work experience to deliver the best care and experience for patients.

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