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Healthcare Leadership Model Event, 30 January 2015

On Friday 30th January our Healthcare Leadership Model engagement event took place at the Arora International Hotel with over 35 attendees.

Alan Nobbs and Tracy Lonetto from the Leadership Academy provided valuable insight into the background of the HLM and how it has evolved.

A session on Leadership behaviours was delivered by Alan Nobbs who helped us to understand how these behaviours affect the culture and climate of an organisation. He gave examples of staff behaviour affecting the experience of patients and service users and the group were encouraged to share their experiences of how this has affected the quality of care provided, and the reputation of their own organisations.

The HLM Hub was explored creating discussion around what tools would be needed to implement the HLM in to organisations and what resources are currently out there that could be accessed. The self-assessment and 360 tools were reviewed to better understand their proper use.

The day ended with a discussion on what this meant for Kent Surrey and Sussex and how the HLM could be better used to change culture and behaviours and develop leaders.

The next HLM feedback facilitator training will be running on 6th May 2015 in Tonbridge.  If you or any of your colleagues are facilitators or have facilitation skills and would like to reserve a booking, or require further details of future HLM feedback facilitator training dates please email your interest to

Tweets from the day:

#HLM2015 Personal responsibility – Every interaction by every leader at every level shapes the emerging culture of an organisation.

#HLM2015 Culture eats strategy for breakfast

#HLM2015 let’s talk about “management” and “leadership” instead of “managers” and “leaders.”

#HLM2015 Am I “behaviourally elegant?”