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Read Issue 23 (December 2016) of KSS Leadership Collaborative's Newsletter

KSS Leadership News brings you a round-up of news for Leadership across Kent, Surrey & Sussex. You will find dates for your diary, information on the latest development opportunities, and access to useful resources.

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In this issue:

  1. Nominations open for KSS Leadership & Innovation Awards 2017
  2. Apply for a Darzi Fellowship
  3. Healthcare Leadership Model: Feedback Facilitator Training
  4. CPD Opportunities for KSS Coaches
  5. Talent Management Development Programme Workshops
  6. Graduate Management Training 2017: Assessors Needed!
  7. Further cohort of Future Clinical Commissioning Leaders Programme
  8. NHS Leadership Academy Programmes
  9. Developing People-Improving Care: National Framework released
  10. CoP & Systems Leadership: Leading Change Across Boundaries
  11. In-depth look at Leading, Managing and Dealing with Change